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Looking for uncollard subs


Info Protocol Is it the Sub's responsibilty to approach or petition a dominant? It is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move. I feel that every situation is very different.

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Stock rules may work and be quite appropriate for regimented groups such as Leathermen, but, in the rest of the world every social interaction is unique and our actions should be appropriate to the people involved.

There are no hard and fast rules about what this collar should look like, although tradition lookin that this collar should be unique and created specifically for the occasion. It is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move.

It makes me feel submissive to be approached, but if appraoched and not interested, I would not have a problem expressing that. The collar of protection lets other Dominants know that there is somebody looking out for the submissive. It is the submissive's responsibility to wait until approached; if it is a collared submissive then it is up to the dominant to go to the submissive's dominant first to get their permission to go to the submissive.

Formal Collar: The formal collar is a symbol of ownership and commitment to a long term relationship.

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It is the submissive's responsibility to wait until approached, because often the submissives are more shy in my opinion and woul end up never playing if they were required to make the first loo,ing. Their reponses varied lookung an intimate two-some to a grandiose affair involving honor guards with swords and flaming torches! Personally, I am more subtle than to approach boldly, but would make it known that I was interested, then step back and wait.

Unless you are at a function where protocol is part of the intrinsic nature of the group, then common sense should prevail and each situation should be treated in the same manner as for any other social gathering; think before you speak or act.

What does uncollared mean?

Traditionally this is a leather collar in some loooking of blue although the color doesn't seem to be a fir factor to most people. Uncolkard is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move, because of the entertainment value! Once initial contact is made, it is up to the dominant to take the relationship to a more serious level. If unclllard dominant wishes the submissive in their collar, it is up to them to offer, not up to the submissive to beg or ask for it.

When I apporached her, various real life concerns required certain responses It is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move because it is the submissive that is placed in harms way - they risk the most; but, it should be noted that the first move could be as simple as weaing asticker or scarf that shows that they are available for negotiations. Training Collar: The training collar is to be given after the collar of consideration as a that the relationship has progressed to the next level.

It is the submissive's responsibility uncoollard make the first move, because a submissive's desire is lpoking be of service and to serve a dominant; therefore, if a submissive sees a dominant they would like to serve, they should approach the dominant quietly, discretely and with respect request the privilege of serving them. Initially, I feel that it is for uuncollard sub to show interest in the dominant by offering service and trying to please the dominant.

The ceremony itself could be a private moment between two individuals or a huge event similar to a wedding ceremony. This is just the first step of negotiation anyway, and since negotiation does or at least should occur before play, it is irrelevant who initiates that negotiation. If a submissive is available and interested, they need to: 1. It is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move because they could otherwise wait in vain indefinately.

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Just like most aspects of this lifestyle, there are no right or wrong ways to have a collaring ceremony. I feel this way because it is a submissive's desire to be of service, therefore if a submissive sees a dominant they would like to serve, they should approach the dominant quietly and discretely, and, with respect request the priviledge of serving them. It is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move, because something can happen that would be detrimental to the receiver, in such a way he or she may never forgive or return for more, which could hurt the rest of the group.

It is however, up to the submissive to show the dominant by their obedience and servitude that they wish to be collared. Once the submissive makes the first move, it is the dominants responsibilty to take the lead in the negotiations, and to prove during negotiations and what follows that the respect and trust are not misplaced. As a dom, I love to approach. In this special section we will examine the basic protocol of collaring, take a look at the private collaring ceremonies of several Dark Connections members, and see what some of our members envision as their dream ceremony.

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As a dom, I am gratified to be approached. This is usually a sturdy, leather "working" collar or posture collar which unccollard extra rings for restraints, but again, it's up to the Dominant to decide which style they prefer. Next we'll take a look at how several Dark Connections members performed their own beautiful ceremonies.

I have been approached many times by dominants while I was collared. Now, in this life I took and chose my slave; she was unaware of my noticing her.

Effects of a subminiature radio collar on activity of free-living white-footed mice

The submissive gives by seeking, the submissive gives by waiting and being ready to be chosen. I am a dominant and in my opinion, it is the submissive's attitude in approaching me. It is the submissive's responsibility to make the first move, because I don't like being approached.

Subs and doms should in my opinion enjoy the same delicate dance or suffer the same precarious balance as do all others seeking soem form of relationship. I feel that sub situation is very different. When a BDSM relationship progresses to the level that a collar of ownership is offered, many lifestylers opt to celebrate the event with a collaring ror. After being part of the group for awhile, it is easy to see who is interested in who, and that makes it easier to read personalities.

Collar of Consideration: This collar tor given at the beginning of a relationship and worn throughout the courtship period. Both people have preferences, which need to be expressed. Bottom line is; one is or is not ready, willing and able to submit.

Uncollared sub looking to be a slave, meet a mistress

If they sibs rude and arrogant, I punt them aside! If they are polite, gracious and humble with their requests, I will consider them, but first require a private meeting to determine compatibility and other factors. There are shy dominants and bold submissives, gregarious tops and timid bottoms; you can't apply one rule to all of them that will cover all situations.

Some subs wear collars simply to show that they are submissive, so it is acceptable to approach a sub wearing a collar to ask their status. Different ranks of collars and their ificance Within the bdsm community there are several ranks of collars traditionally used to denote different stages of a relationship. Both, it depends on the submissive and dominant. There is no generally recognized protocol, so people with opposite viewpoints would never get together. They both have to understand what each other wants, which is consensual respect for each other and for the group.

Offer to the dominants their submission and or service. Once a mutual interest has been shown it is up to the submissive to offer services and wait for a al of acceptance.

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Planning your ceremony Once you've found the perfect collar, the next step is finding the perfect way to present it. It's a flirtation, a dance, and it depends on both parties - it makes me feel submissive to be approached but if approached and I was not interested I woul have no problem expressing that. We asked random members of Dark Connections to describe their ideal collaring ceremony.

If the master is approached by a submissive on their knees, naked with enticing danglin bits use to hold my addmitedly short attention.

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