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Gene passed away almost a year ago and he requested his body to be donated to the Willed Body Program for medical education and research. At conclusion of the program, his cremated remains were returned to his loving wife, Renae. Final Staging details will follow. Please wear your Matagorda County Cavalry logo proudly. At Hwy 59 at Victoria, turn secort onto Hwy 59 heading South.

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North Korean naval elements were almost nonexistent at this time.

Enemy artillery fire there caused many casualties in the afternoon, but neither ground nor aerial observers could locate the enemy pieces firing from the southeast. On the morning of 16 September the two regiments ashore established contact with each other by To his commander, General MacArthur, he was wholly loyal. Most were commissioned as APDs. This landing area had such extensive mud flats that heavy equipment could not be brought ashore over it.

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Mobility and war of maneuver have always brought the greatest prizes and the quickest decisions to their practitioners. An hour later relative calm descended on the port and the cleanup work began. Although September is a period of transition, it was considered suitable for landing operations. We list only a contact for the ship if one has been sent to us. March operating off Point Escoft, Cal. Continuing its sweep along the river, the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, on the 19th swung right and captured the last high ground Hills80, and 85 a mile west of Yongdungp'o.

Eoc robert charles rands, usnr (retired)

This was very hazardous duty and DEs suffered personnel and material casualties. Surface vessels eygene JTF 7 were not to operate within twelve miles of Soviet or Chinese territory nor aircraft within twenty miles of such territory.

Even after the American rocket barrage lifted there was still no enemy fire. In the evening of 16 September General Smith established his command post east of Inch'on and from there at notified Admiral Doyle that he was assuming responsibility for operations ashore.

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From 23 August to 3 September the Far East Command allotted to the 7th Division the entire infantry replacement stream reaching FEC, and from 23 August through 8 September the entire artillery replacement stream. A eufene approach, however, by a battalion-sized attack group was to be made for the purpose of seizing Wolmi-do during the early morning high tide, a necessary preliminary, the planners thought, to the main landing at Inch'on itself.

Naval gunfire covered the closer approaches to Inch'on. Eugene F.

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Stay in the right lane to exit at Rand Morgan exit 9. At a Far East Command headquarters meeting on 4 July, attended by Army, Navy, and Air Force representatives, Generals MacArthur and Almond discussed the idea of an amphibious landing in the enemy's rear and proposed that the 1st Cavalry Division be used for that purpose.

Pershing tanks now opened fire on the T34's. Just beyond the beachhead line the boundary left the highway and slanted northeast.

Desa - destroyer escort sailors association

He said that the enemy had neglected his rear and was dangling on a thin logistical rope that could be quickly cut in the Seoul area, that the enemy had committed practically all his forces against Eighth Army in the south and had no trained reserves and little power of recuperation. Doyle and some members of his staff who were to present the naval problems involved in a landing at Inch'on. The preinvasion intelligence on Wolmi-do proved to be essentially correct.

Mike Smolinski Clifton, N. The 3d Battalion, 5th Marines, was to land on Wolmi-do on the early morning high tide at15 September D-day, L-hour.

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It appears that General MacArthur about the middle of August escory made up his mind on the person he would select to command the invasion force. No other date after this would permit landing until 27 September when a high tide would reach 27 feet. Engineers began the slow job of removing the mines and, without tank support, the infantry advance slowed. At in the afternoon a Marine Corsair landed at Kimpo and, later in the day, advance elements of Marine Air Group 33 flew in from Japan.

A few vessels had to go into drydock for repairs, some vehicles were flooded out, and a large quantity of clothing had to be cleaned, dried, and repackaged. Most of the escorting vessels, the Gunfire Support Group, and the command ships assembled at Sasebo. The cemetery escortt just a short distance from the park. Just as a voice announced over the ship's loud speaker, "Landing force esclrt line of departure," MacArthur came on the bridge of the Mt. At both places. MacArthur replied the next day that his plans remained unchanged.

The next day the 5th Marines departed Pusan to rendezvous at sea. He said euyene would hold the imagination of Asia and win support for the United Nations.

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At Ascom. But Typhoon Kezia's sudden escrt of direction caused the revision of plans to assure that the party would be embarked in time.

The recoilless rifles ed in. The Navy had supported the ground action thus far with effective naval gunfire.

However, this was not always the case. But while it was known that MacArthur favored Inch'on as the landing site, the t Chiefs had never committed eugne to it. They sailed just ahead of another approaching typhoon. From a forward roadblock position, members of an advanced platoon of D Company, at on the 17th, saw the dim outlines of six tanks on the road eastward.

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